Sebastine tips to secure data

The shibboleth security is to confirm that the 3 main parts concerning it are adhered to by each organisation.

Data Confidentiality, data integrity, data availability, etc., ought to be at the epicentre of every security measure.

Install SSL Security

The main purpose of the SSL certificate is to convert in-transit browser-server communications (plain text) into an encrypted type (ciphertext) that appears in bunk format. associate encrypted text can not be browsed by third-party hence, the continuing information remains safe from prying eyes.

SSL certificate secures data like a credit card, login credentials, and payment-connected information. Once you put in an SSL certificate, it turns HTTP- an evident text into encoded text (HTTPS). Moreover, a put SSL triggers HTTPS and a secured padlock within the address bar of a browser.

With HTTPS in the URL, customers can establish that your website is legitimate. A legitimate site instils trust in customers and increases online conversions. while not a legitimate site, customers feel such site insecure and move away to your competitors’ sites.

Types of SSL Certificates out there in the market, thus you’ll be able to select the best one for securing your digital business

Backup your Data

Even though you’ve got the most effective security solutions ingrained on your networks, hackers generally realize the way to interrupt that barrier and penetrate to steal your data.

In the digital market, it’s wise to be ready for unwanted contingencies. A disaster recovery set-up within the sort of data backup is one solution that can save your digital world just in case of an information breach.

Regular data backup to physical off-site storage or cloud-based storage is advisable.

Install Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Software

Antivirus computer code protects your data, systems, and computers from malware or different malicious software.

Benefits of Anti-Virus Software:

  • Protects against Viruses or Malware
  • Prevents Phishing Attacks
  • Protection against online Threats
  • Firewall Protection
  • Blocks spam mails and sites

Benefits of Anti-Malware Software:

  • Prevents Malware
  • Detects & obliterates Malware

Use trustworthy software for an equivalent and secure your data

Sebastine advises to update your Software and Systems regularly

Though guaranteeing regular system and software updates may be a painful task, it’s essential to confirm that each one of the vital security lapses is fixed. an equivalent is simply potential with regular updates, either manually or automatically.

Irrespective of the software system type, updates ought to be done, as an alternative, they’ll threaten your business and data.

Secure your Wireless Networks

Sebastine thinks It’s vital to ensure that your Wi-Fi networks at homes and offices are secured with passwords.

Even if individuals are eyeing to urge a free Wi-Fi connection, they may enter your network and gain access to your knowledge.

You don’t need unknown individuals accessing your network, do you?

If it’s your workplace, it’s higher to use a VPN (Virtual non-public Network). Secure your VPN with parole for twin security

Benefits of VPN:

  • Secures your data with encryption
  • Hides your actual location
  • Access to regional content
  • Secures transfer of data

Install a Firewall

A firewall is one more sturdy security answer for maintaining data privacy. aside from guaranteeing licensed access to the cloud or other storage platforms, a few more execs of firewall are:

  • It monitors network traffic and prevents malicious traffic from coming into the network.
  • It prevents virus attacks.
  • It safeguards your system and data against Trojans and other malware.
  • It prevents hackers from being intrusive on networks.
  • It ensures access management and higher data privacy, therefore securing your business

Set sturdy parole and Authentication Policies

81% of the info breaches happen thanks to weak passwords.

Data security intrusions due to weak passwords value a fortune so they ought to be handled efficiently. the most effective answer is to use complex passwords with multiple symbols, characters, and numbers aside from alphabets.

Long passwords employing a parole Generator tool can facilitate suggesting an honest one for securing your data. a fancy password provides a troublesome time for hackers to crack and penetrate your systems.

  • Authentication Policies:

Authentication policies like 2FA (two-factor authentication) or master’s degree (multi-factor authentication) ought to be enforced instead of exclusively looking forward to paroles.

Just just in case the password is leaked or cracked, another authentication code within the sort of an SMS, OTP, PIN, etc., will give double security to your data

Monitor your Networks Regularly

If networks are monitored regularly, your team can instantly notice suspicious activity, if any, inform the IT team relating to an equivalent or work on preventing the same from coming into the network.

Regular network observation helps in:

  • Benchmarking performance
  • Efficient allocation of resources
  • Detecting security threats

Establish Policies on Mobile Phones and different Devices

Mobile devices utilized by staff can cause a threat to the organization. several companies have BYOD (bring your device) policy, that permits the workers to use their laptops, tablets, or different devices for official use.

Though the BYOD policy has its advantages since it shows high productivity, higher job satisfaction, retention, comfort, and speed, its main disadvantage is that this personal device doesn’t have correct security solutions (firewall, anti-virus software, etc.) installed, which can cause a serious security challenge.


  • Ensure that your firm has strict rules on how and once to use such devices.
  • Ensure that your employees transfer trustworthy applications if needed.
  • Ensure that these personal devices are secured with encryption technology and produce other security solutions like firewalls
  • Ensure to use adblocker on all the devices that use your network, so suspicious pop-ups are averted, and knowledge breach is prevented.

If the higher tips are followed, and every one of the safety solutions is in place, you’ll be able to eliminate significant cybersecurity risks

Educate your Employees

If you are feeling that solely your IT department has to remember the cyber threats and their solutions, you’re creating a grave mistake. Your 1st line of defence, i.e., your workers, ought to be aware of the same.

Example: If an employee cannot find a phishing email, they’ll unwittingly click the malicious link or transfer the attachment, which can affect your entire digital infrastructure.

Make knowledge security awareness a priority by finance in regular coaching of staff, keeping them updated regarding the kinds of cyber threats, their solutions, dangers of social engineering attacks, etc., and conduct mock tests if required for gaining accuracy to combat such threats.

Employees functioning at remote locations additionally ought to guarantee data confidentiality by following the company’s security policies for accessing networks

Few a lot of knowledge Security Tips

  • Limit the access given to employees
  • Delete the login credentials of employees who have left the company
  • Never leave your device unattended
  • Switch off your pc once not in use
  • Never share your passwords
  • Disable sharing of knowledge when necessary
  • Lock your non-public mobiles or different devices when used for official purposes
  • Backup your mobile device data
  • Delete unused data
  • Audit your data often

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