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What is an SSL Certificate? BUY NOW

SSL/TLS certificate is a security protocol that establishes a secured bridge between the server and the user to secure online data transmission with strong encryption. A reputed certificate authority issues an HTTPS certificate after considering the business’s physical and operational existence and domain ownership, which all depends upon the type of SSL certificate you choose. All data will be encrypted with modern industry 256-bit encryption.

How SSL Works?

SSL certificate creates a secure tunnel for passing the information shared between the server and users. It encrypts the data-in-transit and assures that the data is intact and not eavesdropped on by a third party. SSL works on the public key and private key. A public key is used to encode the data, while the private key is used to decode the data.

Why is an SSL/TLS Certificate Important?

SSL/TLS encrypts the information between the server and the browser, making MiTM, sniffing, phishing attacks next to impossible with strong encryption. If the data travels in plain text, a third party can read and change it. Therefore, purchasing cheapest SSL certificate is best way to secure the website.

Who Needs SSL?

After Google’s initiative, all browsers now require a secured website, whether it is a blog, ecommerce, or any website. Unless a site has an SSL/TLS certificate, the browser will throw “Not Secure” warning, which causes visitors to move away from the site.

How to Install an SSL/TLS certificate?

SSL/TLS certificate installation can be done on the server. Each server has a different installation process. To do so, you need to go through the SSL installation guide of each server.

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