Replace Your SSL Certificates with TLS Certificates?

SSL vs TLS: Do you Need to Replace Your SSL Certificates with TLS Certificates?

There is no need to replace your existing SSL certificate as SSL and TLS are the same. Both X.509 certificates authenticate the server with a handshake process for establishing a secure connection. 

Many people consider a TLS certificate as an SSL certificate. The configuration of the version depends upon the server, not by a digital certificate. If your server supports the TLS version, then the certificate will work. 

Your server should support a high level of encryption. The reason to do so is the ever-changing technology and encryption strength. No matter which protocol you use, the strength of encryption will remain the same.

In the Absence of SSL or TLS:

If you do not choose SSL or TLS during server configuration, the information passed remains in plain text, and an eavesdropper can take advantage of it and misuse it. The login information and data will not remain encrypted in the absence of an SSL certificate. 

There may be a chance that the client is connecting to an intermediary rather than the intended server. A lack of security can cause data theft, eavesdropping attacks, identity theft.

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