Online Shopping Safety Tips

Online Shopping Safety Tips

We spend our money more online, and this form of trading a big change for the retail industry and business in general. Internet shopping and e-commerce transfer of funds and receipt of products and services are incredibly easy. With the good comes bad, however, we are still concerned that e-commerce sites and online stores are safe to use and that our information is accurate, protected from identity theft and hackers on the Internet.

#1. SSL Certificates

#2. Use a Credit Card Compared to a Debit Card

#3. Avoid Sending Payment Information by Email

#4. Use Strong Usernames and Passwords

#5. Check Your Card Statement Regularly

#6. Privacy Policy

#7. Check Terms and Conditions

#8. Individual cards

#9. Use Familiar Websites

#10. Avoid Shopping in Public

#11. Use antivirus protection for your PC

#12. Beware amazing deals

#13. Buy from a mobile device, not from a PC

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